FLAMMA Selected as a 2020 Welfare Champion Recipient

Chignolo D’Isola, Bergamo, Italy – September, 2020: Flamma was selected as one of the Welfare Champion 2020 companies that obtained the 5 W of the PMI Welfare Index rating and which constitutes the backbone of the Italian economic fabric.

The Welfare Index PMI is the initiative, promoted by Generali Italia with the participation of the major Italian confederations – Confindustria, Confagricoltura, Confartigianato, Confprofessioni, Confcommercio – to spread the culture of corporate welfare among companies. Obtaining a 5 W means that the company has:

* relevant welfare breadth (at least 8 areas among those identified)

* high intensity (several initiatives for each area)

* orientation to social innovation

* relevant economic and organizational commitment

* involvement of workers

The Index is scientifically constructed: research criteria and methodology are subjected to the control of a Steering Committee made up of all the partner trade associations of the project, institutional representatives and experts from industry and academia.

Extraordinary stories of companies that have placed health and safety at the center of their corporate objectives and have increased their commitment also in assistance, training, work-life balance.

Businesses have been the immediate point of contact for employees, their families, and communities. These are realities characterized by the widest welfare system (by number of activated areas) and which are characterized by the number and intensity of initiatives, degree of employee involvement and economic and organizational commitment to corporate welfare. In particular, this year the Welfare Champions have shown great ability to react and resilience to the impact of the Covid crisis.

Here is a video:  https://youtu.be/-oDWuDqr8AQ

Full post: https://www.flammagroup.com/flamma-selected-as-a-2020-welfare-champion-recipient/