Flamma provides maximum integration across all sites

Flamma established a presence in the Boston area to help serve North American customers in real time. The Flamma USA office helps to coordinate project management and provide a resource for our North American customers to contact after business hours are over in Europe and China.

Flamma USA continues to help educate those in the pharmaceutical marketplace about the capabilities of the Flamma Group and is available to meet with potential customers at their site or at various industry meetings. Look for Flamma at many industry events including CPhI Worldwide, DCAT, CPhI North America (formerly Informex), CPhI Japan and many more (see our EVENTS page).

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the value that Flamma can bring to your company.

Please contact Kenneth Drew, Ph.D., Vice President, Flamma USA via the contact page by using the drop down menu for “Direct contact to North America Representative”. Alternatively, you can reach out directly via LinkedIn to speak to Flamma.