Flamma careers

Are you looking for a professional and personally fulfilling position? If so, please consider joing the Flamma team.


Flamma-delphia is looking for talented people who want to advance their careers by being part of The Thinking CDMO. Flamma is a privately held, family run, family owned CDMO that recently opened its US labs in Philadelphia area. This is a unique chance to be on the ground floor of a great opportunity.

Process chemistry – Sr. Process Chemist, Process Chemist, Associate Process Chemist

Analytical chemistry – Head of Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Chemist

Quality Assurance – Senior QA Specialist

Project Management/Business Development– unique combination position


For more information and to receive complete job descriptions, please e-mail a cover letter and CV to jobs@flammagroup.com with a SUBJECT indicating FLAMMA USA and the “Position of Interest”. For example, SUBJECT “FLAMMA USA: Process Chemistry”.  Thank you for your interest.


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