FLAMMA-delphia was established in 2019

The Flamma USA site is operating under cGMP and ready for early stage API and drug development projects. Flamma USA is located in Malvern, PA outside of Philadelphia. Flamma acquired this site in 2019. The 40,000 sq. ft. facility is in close proximity to Boston/Cambridge (1.5 h flight) as well as the greater New York/New Jersey area (1.5 h drive)

Initially dubbed “Flamma-delphia”, Flamma USA is an extremely well built lab and manufacturing site that possesses a cGMP Pilot Plant, 5 standard cGMP kilo lab suites, 1 cGMP HPAPI kilo lab suite (classified to handle  potent compounds with an OEL > 0.1μg/m3), 22 fume hoods, an analytical development lab as well as a QC lab, and additional space for future expansion for any necessary analytical, chemistry, and/or  warehouse needs. The site previously handled controlled drug substances (Schedule II to V) and Flamma is moving forward to reactivating the necessary licenses.

This site is dedicated to the development and production of APIs ranging from pre-clinical/clinical phases (I to III) and up to small scale commercial phase manufacturing (to 20 kg). Flamma continues to grow and currently has ~40 employees and is always looking for talented personnel that reside in the Philly area who wish to join a vibrant, rewarding opportunity in a family owned and run organization.

If you would like to have a site visit to see the value that Flamma can bring to your company , please contact Kenneth Drew, Ph.D., VP Flamma USA via the contact page by using the drop down menu for “Direct contact to North America Representative”

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