Flamma acquired the Isso facility in 2012

Flamma Isso is a FDA Registered site that compliments our Chignolo headquarters.  Flamma Isso is located east of Milano, 32 km (20 miles) from Flamma’s headquarters. Based in an industrial area, the site has 5 buildings that include production, a drying department, R&D & analytical labs plus offices, utilities, and warehouses. The site is regularly inspected the Italian Ministry of Health (AIFA).

The acquisition of the Isso plant doubled Flamma’s production capacity in Italy from 120 m3 to 250 m3 thus giving Flamma more flexibility for their current and future customers. Additionally, Flamma Isso has a dedicated triphosgene unit with a high containment loader and PTS. This site can thus handle industrial quantities of triphosgene as well as ammonia gas.

Flamma continues to make significant capital investments into the facility to accommodate our high-quality standards. Recent additions include a new high containment lab. This lab allows Flamma to deal with compounds (genotoxics) rated at 1 μg/m3 (OEB 4).

The lab contains Two (2) OEB 4 Isolators and Two (2) Hoods and is housed in a separate building with a dedicated air filtration unit

 Production capacity 130 m3

13 Stainless steel reactors (800 L to 9000 L)

10 Glass-lined reactors (500 L to 9000 L)

7   Centrifuges (stainless steel – Halar®)

2   Press filters (5000L and 7000L)

4   Dryers (1 tray, 3 double cones)


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