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Flamma is a privately held, family run and owned CDMO with experience from 1950. The Flamma Group offers a unique opportunity to accelerate your small molecule drug development by shortening the timeline to the pharmaceutical marketplace. With the ability to leverage FDA inspected cGMP Italian production facilities along  a GMP site in the USA coupled with its 100% owned and run GMP Chinese facility, Flamma provides a stable, secure supply chain for small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), New Chemical Entities (NCEs), Registered Starting Materials (RSMs) and Key Intermediates from early-stage needs to commercial delivered materials. Flamma is an award winning CDMO most recently being named a Top 10 CMO in Europe by Pharma Tech Outlook. Other awards include the CDMO Leadership Award where Flamma recorded 3 straight years of being recognized as a Top Performer in all 6 CDMO Core Award Categories: Expertise, Reliability, Capabilities, Quality, Service and Compatibility. Flamma was also recognized as a Top Performer in all 7 Specialty Award Categories:  Accessible Senior Management, State-of-the-Art, Innovation, On-Time Delivery, Right the First Time, Strength of Science, and Reputation. There were 110 CDMOs evaluated on 23 performance metrics by pharma industry sourcing professionals. Of these 110 CDMOs, Flamma was the ONLY small molecule CDMO that was rated as a TOP PERFORMER in all core & specialty categories.

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We are Flamma

The Flamma Group provides a variety of pharmaceutical services including cGMP manufacturing of APIs, RSMs, NCEs, process R&D, and many other activities. We also have a significant number of products that we provide to those who require materials that are of the highest of quality.

Flamma provides a dependable assessment of your technical package and provide competitive yet viable offers.

Flamma can be of assistance for early stage pre-clinical development as well as for large-scale commercial manufacturing and everything in between. 


Flamma is a proud member of the European Fine Chemical Group




Flamma produces new APIs and NCEs as well as a wide-ranging list of generic APIs, including products like Melatonin (MelaPure), Minoxidil and many more. Our Active Ingredients include compounds like Asparagine. Our intermediates consist of numerous high-value amino acid derivatives including numerous Fmoc-amino acids used in peptide syntheses as well as other protect amino acids such as Moc-Valine, Cbz-L-Alanine and others too numerous to list here. Flamma is a leader in the amino acid field and if you are not speaking to us directly, your CDMO will likely be contacting us so why not go directly to Flamma.


Custom Development

  • Process Development and Optimization
  • Custom synthesis and route scouting
  • Scale-up capabilities
  • Analytical Validation and Development
  • and more…

Custom Manufacturing

  • Process Validation
  • Analytical Validation
  • Commercial Manufacturing from kilos to metric tons (GMP)
  • Regulatory support including QA/QC
  • and more…


Discover our 7 locations from Italy to China, from France to the USA.