More capacity at Flamma for customers

Flamma Bulciago is a manufacturing site that was acquired in April 2022. The facility is regularly inspected by regulatory agencies (FDA, Italian Ministry of Health- AIFA) as well as customers. This site augments Flamma’s ability to manufacture APIs, RSMs, NCEs, and other materials for the pharmaceutical industry.

This GMP site has significant capacity and will be dedicated to commercial products. Flamma plans to transfer various products to Bulciago thus opening internal capacity at Chignolo and Isso for earlier stage materials. This site will also provide an internal back-up to customers specifically for customers currently using Flamma Honkai but preferring a European alternative.

Production capacity (total 650 m3)

37 stainless steel reactors, from 1,500 L to 25,000 L

25 glass-lined reactors, from 1,600 L to 12,000 L

7 filter dryers

11 centrifuges