Product CAS Reference USDMF EUDMF COS Therapeutic Area
Acetyl DL-Leucine 99-15-0 In house     Anti Emetics / Anti Vertigo
Arginine-L-Aspartate [L] 7675-83-4 EP     Asthenia
Ketoprofen Lysine Salt 57469-78-0 In house     NSAID
Melatonin** 73-31-4 USP D.S.*/ BP
Sleep disorders
Methacholine chloride 62-51-1 USP   Diagnostic agent for respiratory treatment
Minoxidil 38304-91-5 USP/EP/IP/JP Alopecia
Phosphoserine [DL] 17885-08-4 In house
  Physical Tonic / Nootropics
Phosphoserine [L] 407-41-0 In house     Physical Tonic / Nootropics
Phosphothreonine [L] 1114-81-4 In house     Asthenia
Potassium DL Aspartate 923-09-1 DAB     Hypokalemia 

*USP Dietary Supplement
** MelaPure™ is exclusively made by Flamma

Flamma produces a small line of niche generic products. For example, MelaPure™ is the purest form of melatonin in the industry and why the industry comes to Flamma as they know they will get pharmaceutical grade material unlike others. Flamma is developing more products so please contact us if you would like to learn more about our generic offerings.