Flamma delivers high quality material on-demand 

Experience the Flamma Experience

As a privately held company with experience since 1950, the Flamma Group has built a solid reputation for continuous delivery of APIs as well as high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates to the pharmaceutical marketplace.

Flamma Italy has two cGMP facilities located in near Milan, Italy: Chignolo d’Isola & Isso. The Chignolo site is also where our headquarters are located. Flamma Isso is only 32 km (20 miles) from Chignolo.

Additionally, Flamma is also established in China where its 100% owned Chinese subsidiary, Flamma Honkai, operates in Dalian, in the Liaoning province. This site runs under the same quality system than the plants in Italy and has had its initial inspection by the Chinese FDA.

Flamma USA began operations in 2019 to provide customers another option when considering Flamma for their projects.

Flamma welcomes the opportunity to be considered by your company for the production of your small molecules.

Flamma is the Thinking CDMO™

Flamma is not just a pair of hands. The Flamma team is an extension of your team. We work together with your scientists to move the project along. We offer suggestions and actually work to provide solutions that your team may not have thought of or had time to try.

It is this way of operating that helps build a long term relationship and trusted partnership.

To learn about Flamma’s service offerings, please visit our Development Services page, our cGMP Manufacturing page, and our Custom Manufacturing page.

Flamma not only produces APIs, RSMs, NCEs, and Advanced Intermediates, Flamma also produces a wide-ranging list of generic APIs, including products like Melatonin, Minoxidil and many more. Our Active Ingredients include compounds like Asparagine. Our Intermediates consist of numerous high-value amino acid derivatives including Moc-Valine and Cbz-L-Alanine.

Are you looking for a compound that you need and are unable to find a reputable vendor? Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or more information.

We work with your team to provide the quantity and the quality desired as well as taking care of your specific needs  (impurity profile, particle size, required documents, etc.).

Flamma Quality

Good reputations are hard to get and harder to keep. Flamma continues to deliver on-demand high-quality materials to our customers including most top 20 industry leaders. Flamma provides superior quality throughout the entire cycle of your compounds. This is one of the reasons that Flamma continues to be added as a preferred supplier.