FLAMMA expands its Continuous Flow capabilities in Italy

Chignolo D’Isola, Bergamo, Italy – July 19, 2023 – The Flamma Group  (“Flamma”), a global, fully integrated company producing and commercializing small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for the life science industry as well as a preeminent Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) and late stage intermediates for the Innovator Companies, announced the expansion of its Continuous Flow capabilities with the investment of ~$2M starting with the installation of a new suite of equipment from Microinnova, a leader in modular Continuous Flow systems.

“Flamma has been quietly growing our Continuous Flow capabilities over the past several years”, according to Massimo Verzini, Head of Global R&D at Flamma. “This new technology will provide the ability to work at a higher pressure more easily than a batch process as well as take advantage of a green process with recycling”.

The introduction of this production system equipment will be made at Flamma’s Chignolo Italian facility later this year. This was designed and built to be “partially modular” thus allowing for the exchange of reactor modules as needed. This increases the flexibility at Flamma and would allow customers to bring forth other products using different reaction requirements yet allow Flamma to produce materials using the same system in place.

Flamma previously announced in March that it was investing over $200M over the next three years including the addition of new technologies across its sites. This is an example of Flamma’s commitment to bring value to its customers whether they are current or future customers. Flamma has a network that consists of sites located in Europe, North America and China. They continue to develop Flamma USA in near Philadelphia to provides innovator companies the flexibility to begin early stage small molecule projects within the USA and then have the opportunity to move their project to other parts of the Flamma Group as the project grows.

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Microinnova Modular Continuous Flow System to be installed at Flamma